Teaching Portfolio

This area of the site contains links to my course materials (which contain evaluations) and testimonials from students. I also have a teaching statement that describes my evolution as a teacher, and a link to the most recent iteration of my python bioinformatics course which I taught at Cornell and made publicly available on Google Drive for interested people to learn from.

Teaching is something I do because I can’t help myself. I love to share things with people. bootstrappersI created my python bioinformatics course largely as a hobby, when I saw the tremendous benefit that even a small amount of programming knowledge can bring to most molecular biology projects. My graduate school (University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, Massachusetts) wrote up a nice review in their paper, available here.

The act of teaching creates a special kind of bond between people. As a teacher, I have to learn to see the world from the perspective of my students, and re-imagine my subject as if I’m learning it for the first time, while my students similarly rebuild their understanding of the world in terms of the new material. In the process, the boundaries between people dissolve for a short time, and the entire group benefits from the unique perspectives of its members. The “mind meld” that happens during teaching creates a community like no other.