Course Materials

I’ve compiled here a sampling of my course materials. I taught my python bioinformatics course a total of 6 times, and everything from my sixth offering is here. If you’re an educator and you like the materials, please feel free to use them.

The first time I taught was to a group of 10 people, in December 2013
The second time was to a group of ~20 people, in January 2014
The third time was to a group of ~40 people, in April 2014
The fourth time was to a group of ~90 people, in July 2014
The fifth time was to a group of 12 Cornell students, in September 2014
The sixth time was as an official one credit pass/fail Cornell course, as 6 sessions of 2 hours each, to a group of 30 Cornell students, in September and October 2015, with graded homework assignments.

Here are some links to my course materials (also available on Google Drive):

in class exercises
out of class exercises
out of class sample answers

I have surveys for the second, third, fourth, and fifth informal sessions in one google survey, with results available as a google sheet, and as a graphical summary. I have another survey for the final, formal course, available as a second google sheet, and as a second graphical summary.

Overall, my course was very well received, but I still feel that there’s a lot of room for improvement. My existing course really had two components. The first consisted of the syntax of programming, while the second was a vague concept of turning complex biological problems into usable code. I tried to accomplish this second goal through homework, but in future iterations, I still feel that I can do a much better job of teaching the concepts of critical thinking, pseudocode design, and problem solving.